How to work from anywhere and keep your data, identity, and sanity. 

The SysAdmin’s Essential Guide to Linux Workstation Security lays out a set of baseline recommendations to avoid most glaring security errors without too much headache.

Developed by The Linux Foundation’s director of infrastructure security, these are the same policies our own, 100% remote sysadmin team follows on a daily basis to support Linux and other top open source projects like Node.js, Cloud Foundry, and Hyperledger.  

This 30-page ebook includes:

   • Choosing the right hardware
   • Pre-boot environment
   • Distro choice and installation guidelines
   • Post-installation hardening
   • A one-page checklist of best practices
   • And more!

Whether you work from home, log in for after-hours emergency support, or simply prefer to work from a laptop in your office, you can use this guide to do it securely.

By Konstantin Ryabitsev
Director of IT Infrastructure Security
at The Linux Foundation

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