Threats and Risk Assessment is the third session in Linux Security Fundamentals (LFS216), a self-paced, online course from The Linux Foundation.

This sample chapter covers how to assess the need for security in a corporate environment. You’ll learn about the different classes of attackers and types of attacks, as well as how to weigh security trade-offs, including the likelihood of an attack, the asset value, and business impact. Subsequent chapters provide a comprehensive look at the security challenges that can affect almost every system.


This sample chapter contains:

• 15 pages of security concepts from the course

• 3 sample test questions

• 2 labs on the most useful security tools

Anyone involved with any security-related task at any level --  from managers to implementation technicians and developers -- will gain additional expertise from this class. Stay one step ahead of malicious hackers by fortifying your security skills with the LFS216 course.

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